The pet industry eclipsed $60 billion in sales in 2015. It will grow even higher in 2016. It just so happens that our CEO will be speaking at the BlogPaws marketing conference this year and we felt our friends in the pet industry could use this information. Today, we’re going to teach you how to target, reach, and sell to pet owners with the use of some important data.

When launching an ad on Facebook, we’re able to use insights that are given to us for free to create ads. How does this work? Everything online is connected. When you purchase a product from Petsmart or Amazon for your pet, that information is collected and given to ad networks, you are now grouped in with people that have purchased pet products online. [Welcome to 2016, nothing is private anymore] This data helps us target more accurately and create better marketing campaigns.

So, let’s say I own a pet shop, pet food company, veterinary office, or pet clothing company. I would want to target people that have an interest in dog or cat products because they have already done something online that would indicate they’re interested in purchasing pet products online.

I’m building an ad that’s going to target pet owners based on their previous purchase behavior. When we look at those specific targets, we see that there are 24,611,600 people that have purchased dog products online and 17,305,200 people that have purchased cat products.



You can take this data and reach over 41 million pet owners that have purchased items online! We’d recommend that you dwindle that down to age range, geotargeting, and other factors that may narrow your ad to help with your targeting. The fact of the matter is this – Facebook allows you to directly reach pet owners on the website they spend almost all of their time. 17.7 million people identify as a dog owner and 12.8 million people identify as a cat owner on Facebook.

We know that not every pet brand is a national pet brand, so we’re going to build a mock ad for a made-up pet business here in Denver, Colorado. We start with the location, I’m targeting Denver + 25 miles for my brand and I’m reaching 1,700,000 people – but this is too broad as not all of them are pet owners. Next, we’ll use those pet purchasing behaviors to narrow our focus. By adding those variables into the equation, we have a much more narrow and targeted audience of 260,000 people that are most likely to be interested in my ad.


Use a great image, compelling text, and showcase your best offering. If you target correctly, have a beautiful website, and a quality brand – your advertising will be successful.

Try it for yourself and let us know how you do! There are tens of millions of pet owners online – use the data and behavioral targets to find them. Whether you’re selling a product, service, or even a blog – you can reach pet owners in your area.